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Faculty and Staff Awards Luncheon Collection

Identifier: EUA105

The collection is comprised of programs and other printed materials describing the annual Faculty Awards Luncheon that occurs near the end of the spring semester. The awards ceremony began in 1973 with the presentation of the first Daniels-Danieley Award for Excellence in Teaching. The collection is arranged chronologically.

Dates: 1972-ongoing

Faculty at Elon collection

Identifier: EUA104

This collection includes information regarding faculty at Elon such as lists of faculty, grants and fellowships, as well as faculty benefits.

Dates: 1890-Current

Faculty Meeting Minutes Collection

Identifier: EUA002
Abstract This is a collection of faculty meeting minutes from January 2, 1893, to the present day. The collection is primarily composed of meeting minutes but also includes other documents discussed during faculty meetings. The collection is arranged chronologically. The bound volumes include ledgers containing the original meeting minutes taken between 1893 and 1924. These eight ledgers are housed in the Belk Library Archives Satellite Shelving, and copies of the minutes for these dates are...
Dates: 1893 - ongoing

Faculty Women's Club Collection

Identifier: EUA056

This collection contains materials regarding the Faculty Women's Club at Elon College. It contains materials dating between 1947 and 1991. The collection includes types of materials such as invitations, constitutions and by-laws, correspondences, newspaper clippings, and programs. The collection is arranged chronologically and then alphabetically by type of material. Specification is given to materials where necessary.

Dates: 1947 - 1991

Fellows Programs Collection

Identifier: EUA049

The collection is comprised of materials that follow the history of the various Fellows programs, beginning in 1987 and continuing to present day. The collection is arranged alphabetically by the names of the Fellows programs, then by type of material, and then chronologically within each program. For more information, please see the Historical Note below or the Detailed Description of the Collection section.

Dates: 1987 - ongoing

Fires on Elon's Campus Collection

Identifier: EUA075
Abstract There have been more fires at Elon University than represented in the historical note (see below) and in the collection itself. However, a list is available within the collection where all fires are listed along with dates of their occurrence. (folder title: General-1977-Correspondence and General-1977- Research Notes) This collection contains materials relating to fires that occurred in the following buildings at Elon College: Old Main Administration Building, Carolina Dormitory, Virginia...
Dates: 1923 - ongoing

Fletcher Cummings Lester Collection

Identifier: Mss.Coll.003
Abstract This collection contains materials such as books, pamphlets, programs, photographs, correspondences, listings, legal documents, and various other forms of printed material that all pertain to the social, educational, and religious life of Fletcher Cummings Lester (F.C. Lester). Primarily, most of the materials relate to his educational experiences at Elon College during the early 1900s and 1920s. Additionally, much of the information relates to his time as a minister while serving various...
Dates: 1914 - 1987

Florence and Camille Kivette Collection

Identifier: Mss.Coll. 041
Abstract The collection is comprised of materials related to Florence and Camille Kivette, two sisters from Gibsonville, North Carolina, who were graduates and long-time supporters of Elon College (now Elon University). The bulk of this collection is comprised of photographs but also includes legal and financial documents, newspaper clippings, and funerary documents, and correspondence. The collection includes materials dated between 1915 and 2010, with the bulk of items representing the 1970s to...
Dates: 1915-2010

Founders Day Collection

Identifier: EUA007

This collection includes documents relating to Founders Day celebrations and events at Elon University. The first Founders Day celebration took place on September 14, 1939 and has continued sporadically throughout Elon's history. The collection is arranged chronologically and then alphabetically by type of material. Please see the sections below titled "Historical Note" and "Detailed Description of the Collection" for more specific information about what is included.

Dates: 1939 - ongoing

Friends of the Library Collection

Identifier: EUA026
Abstract This collection includes materials relating to the Friends of the Library organization at Elon University. As stated in their by-laws, "The purpose of the association is to promote the interests of the Library and to provide enrichment for its total resources and facilities." The collection includes documents such as meeting minutes, newsletters, financial reports, agendas, reports, by-laws, correspondences, member lists, invitations, and schedules of events. Materials in the collection...
Dates: 1983 - ongoing

Gap Semester Collection

Identifier: EUA149

Similar to the gap-year experiences of many European college students, the Gap Semester Program allowed Elon students to defer traditional courses and participate in an experiential learning semester that combined travel and service during the fall semester of their first year of college. The collection consists of the proposal for the Gap Program, as well as a copy of the handbook issued to participants for each fall semester from 2012 to 2016.

Dates: 2012-2016

Gerald Ford Visit to Elon

Identifier: Mss.Coll.009
Abstract This collection contains letters, memos, newspaper clippings, photographs and other forms of printed materials relating to Gerald Ford's visit to Elon College on February 25, 1986. The collection is arranged alphabetically by type of material into seven series, then chronologically within each series, where applicable. Each series provides information pertaining to the steps taken to plan and organize Ford's visit, as well as how the media covered the event. There is some basic biographical...
Dates: 1966 - 1986

Getty Foundation Collection

Identifier: EUA106

This collection includes a variety of materials and documents that relate to obtaining a grant from the Getty foundation. The collection primarily contains information about Elon University Campus Heritage grant proposal, correspondence, draft, map of buildings included in the proposal and awards presented by the Getty Foundation.

Dates: 2006 - 2007

Glass Plate Negative Collection

Identifier: EUA067
Abstract This is a collection of glass plate negatives that depict various people, events, places, buildings, and subjects related to Elon University. The majority of the glass plate negatives and the content represented are from the 19th and 20th centuries. The collection is arranged into six boxes. The glass plate negatives are arranged alphabetically by given name, and this order spans across five of the six boxes with the unidentified glass plate negatives included in boxes four and five. Box six...
Dates: undated

Gospel Choir Collection

Identifier: EUA095
Abstract The Gospel Choir Collection includes documents about the Elon University Gospel Choir ranging from the dates of 1980 to present day. Documents include materials such as correspondence, receipts or financial records, advertising flyers, programs, and membership listings. The collection is organized chronologically by academic semester (ex. Fall 1991, Spring 1992) and then by type of material (ex. correspondence, booklet) in order to facilitate study of specific academic years, as opposed to...
Dates: 1980 - ongoing

Graham School Collection

Identifier: EUA057
Abstract This collection contains materials related to the schools in Graham, North Carolina dating from 1845-1981. The majority of the dates included are the 1850s and 1870s-1880s. The schools represented in the collection are Graham College, Graham High School, Graham Institute, Graham Female Seminary, and Graham Normal College. The types of materials in this collection include (but are not limited to) newspaper clippings, correspondences, reports, meeting minutes, and charter information. The...
Dates: 1845 - 1981

Greek Life Collection

Identifier: EUA097
Abstract This collection includes documents and information about a variety of fraternities and sororities that are part of the Greek Life system at Elon University. The collection includes information about each Greek organization on the local and/or national levels. Some of the Greek organizations represented in this collection no longer exist. This is not a comprehensive collection of all the Greek organizations on Elon's campus, but simply a collection of materials that have been given to the...
Dates: 1921 - ongoing

Habitat for Humanity Chapter at Elon University Collection

Identifier: EUA082

The Habitat for Humanity Chapter at Elon University Collection contains materials concerning the creation of the chapter at Elon and its existence from 1988-present. It includes articles, newsletter clippings, brochures, flyers, invitations, and other printed materials.

Dates: 1947 - ongoing

Heidi Frontani Papers

Identifier: Mss.Coll.#058

Much of this collection is based around the research that Dr. Frontani passionately pursued throughout her career. Many files relate to her studies of Florida, Ghana, and Kenya. Also housed in this collection are multiple files based on her career at Elon as a professor.

Dates: 1956-2016, Undated

History of Christian Church in the South Manuscript

Identifier: Mss.Coll.060

Typewritten manuscript of A History of the Christian Church in the South by Durward T. Stokes and William T. Scott. The book was published in 1975 by the Southern Conference of the United Church of Christ.

Dates: 1973.

Home Economics Recipe Collection

Identifier: EUA094
Abstract This collection includes recipes that were taught to students in the 1960s-1980s taking Home Economics classes both at Elon College and Williams High School in Burlington, North Carolina. Edith Brannock (Elon Class of 1939) was a member of the Elon College faculty and taught many of these classes (in both locations). The individual who taught with Edith at Williams High School was Mary Brannock Rouse (one of Edith's sisters). Mary Rouse graduated from Elon College in 1929. The collection...
Dates: 0000-0000

Homecoming at Elon Collection

Identifier: EUA129

This collection is comprised of articles, brochures, planning documents, and other printed materials related to homecoming celebrations at Elon through the years.

Dates: 1936-ongoing

Honorary Degree Collection

Identifier: EUA084

This collection contains materials related to the honorary degrees awarded by Elon University dating from 1891- present. This collection includes materials such as correspondences, press releases, awards, and member lists, among other printed materials. The collection is arranged chronologically and then alphabetically by type of material. Specification to type of material is given where necessary.

Dates: 1934 - ongoing

Hubert McLendon Collection

Identifier: Mss.Coll.014
Abstract This collection contains eight boxes of documents and miscellaneous items collected by Mr. Hubert McLendon. The items in this collection consist of a broad variety of materials which mainly pertain to Mr. McLendon's Confederate interest in the Civil War. He compiled a large amount of papers from book chapters to essays to magazines to photographs within this interest. The collection is arranged alphabetically by type of material into fifty-five series, then chronologically within each...
Dates: 1776 - 1999

Human Resources at Elon Collection

Identifier: EUA107

This collection includes materials and documents that relate to the Human Resources department at Elon University, from around 1982 to the present. The collection primarily contains information about Elon benefits, events and activities sponsored by Human Resources, as well as the "For your Benefit" newsletter.

Dates: 1982-ongoing

Illustrated Missionary News

Identifier: EUCH029

The Illustrated Missionary News: Containing Missionary Intelligence from all parts of the World was a British missionary publication. This volume contains the issues of the Illustrated Missionary News from February 1st, 1879 to December 1, 1882.

Dates: 1879-1882

Institutional Priorities Collection

Identifier: EUA085

This collection includes the institutional priorities of Elon College/Elon University from 1974 to present day. The collection is arranged chronologically.

Dates: 1974 - ongoing

Isabella Cannon Collection

Identifier: Mss.Coll.013
Abstract The collection spans the life of Isabella Cannon and includes correspondence, photographs, mayoral papers, speeches, public and civic organizations, family documents and personal records. Most notable about the collection are the letters (correspondence) that include writings of Isabella Walton Cannon and her husband, C.M. Cannon while at Elon College, as well as the correspondence written by Isabella Cannon on her residency in Liberia and Iraq. The photograph collection includes C.M....
Dates: 1904 - 2000

Isabella Cannon Collection

Identifier: Mss.Coll.035
Abstract This collection contains original papers from Isabella Canon that have been archived by the Archives and Special Collections Department in Belk Library as well as Jo Watts Williams (Special Assistant to the President of Elon). The collection also contains papers generated by both the Archives and Special Collections and Jo Watts Williams. The papers kept in Belk Library were originally housed in Isabella Cannon's biography file. The papers kept by Jo Watts Williams were housed in her office...
Dates: 1944 - 2009

Iva and George Diehl Collection

Identifier: Mss.Coll. 052

The bulk of this collection includes correspondence from Dean of Women for Elon College, Iva Diehl to her husband George West Diehl from 1930-1931 while Iva Diehl was Dean of Women at Elon University and Mr. Diehl was obtaining his PhD from the University of Chicago.

Dates: 1930-1931