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MSS. Manuscript and Personal Papers

 Record Group
Identifier: MSS
Archival collections which were created by individuals or groups affiliated with Elon University.

Found in 20 Collections and/or Records:

Bill Clinton and Al Gore visit to Elon

Identifier: Mss.Coll.008
Abstract This collection contains a letter, photographs, and newspaper clippings that relate to the visit made by Bill Clinton and Al Gore to Elon College during their 1992 presidential campaign tour in North Carolina. Bill Clinton and Al Gore, as well as their wives Hillary Clinton and Tipper Gore, visited the campus of Elon College on October 26, 1992. The collection primarily contains photographs and newspaper clippings that portray and discuss the Clinton/Gore visit to Alamance County, NC,...
Dates: 1992 - 1992

Biography Files

Identifier: EUA040
Abstract This is a collection of materials that relate to specific individuals associated with Elon University and the Town of Elon. The collection includes biographical information about individuals associated with Elon University and the Town, including some of the founders of the institution, faculty and staff, and alumni. Documents within each folder contain a variety of items, such as newspaper clippings, correspondences, essays and memoirs, and other types of printed materials. The specific...
Dates: undated

Dewey Hooper Collection

Identifier: Mss.Coll.011

This collection is arranged alphabetically by type of material, and then into seven series. Where applicable, within each series the materials are arranged chronologically. The seven series are: Artifact; Books; Correspondence; Lists; Literary Productions; Photographs; Printed Material. Most of the materials in this collection pertain to Dewey Hooper as a student at Elon College during 1939 and 1940 and as a member of the US Army Air Forces Reserve during the early stages of WWII.

Dates: 1939 - 1994

Fletcher Cummings Lester Collection

Identifier: Mss.Coll.003
Abstract This collection contains materials such as books, pamphlets, programs, photographs, correspondences, listings, legal documents, and various other forms of printed material that all pertain to the social, educational, and religious life of Fletcher Cummings Lester (F.C. Lester). Primarily, most of the materials relate to his educational experiences at Elon College during the early 1900s and 1920s. Additionally, much of the information relates to his time as a minister while serving various...
Dates: 1914 - 1987

Gerald Ford Visit to Elon

Identifier: Mss.Coll.009
Abstract This collection contains letters, memos, newspaper clippings, photographs and other forms of printed materials relating to Gerald Ford's visit to Elon College on February 25, 1986. The collection is arranged alphabetically by type of material into seven series, then chronologically within each series, where applicable. Each series provides information pertaining to the steps taken to plan and organize Ford's visit, as well as how the media covered the event. There is some basic biographical...
Dates: 1966 - 1986

Hubert McLendon Collection

Identifier: Mss.Coll.014
Abstract This collection contains eight boxes of documents and miscellaneous items collected by Mr. Hubert McLendon. The items in this collection consist of a broad variety of materials which mainly pertain to Mr. McLendon's Confederate interest in the Civil War. He compiled a large amount of papers from book chapters to essays to magazines to photographs within this interest. The collection is arranged alphabetically by type of material into fifty-five series, then chronologically within each...
Dates: 1776 - 1999

Iva and George Diehl Collection

Identifier: Mss.Coll. 052

The bulk of this collection includes correspondence from Dean of Women for Elon College, Iva Diehl to her husband George West Diehl from 1930-1931 while Iva Diehl was Dean of Women at Elon University and Mr. Diehl was obtaining his PhD from the University of Chicago.

Dates: 1930-1931

Kenneth Utt Papers

Identifier: Mss.Coll.055

Housed in this collection are paper records of many of the productions Kenneth Utt worked on throughout his career. Before starting a career in Los Angeles and New York City, Kenneth Utt received his undergraduate degree from Elon in the 1940's. His family donated this collection to Elon after his death in 1994.

Dates: 1947-1993, undated

Lyndon B. Johnson Visit to Elon

Identifier: Mss.Coll.010
Abstract This collection includes materials relating to Lyndon Baines Johnson's visit to Elon College on March 8, 1962 for the Founder's Day Convocation ceremony. It was during this ceremony that Johnson gave a speech to the Elon community. The collection is arranged alphabetically by type of material and is divided into five series. The five series are: Audio Recordings; Correspondence; Literary Productions; Photographs; Printed Material. Within each series, the materials are arranged...
Dates: 1962 - 2001

Marjorie Hunter Collection

Identifier: Mss.Coll.001
Abstract This collection is arranged alphabetically by type of material into nine series, then chronologically within each series, where applicable. The series are Books; Correspondence; Literary Productions; Maps; Photographs; Printed Material; Prints and Drawings; Realia; Scrapbook. Primarily, the collection contains materials documenting Marjorie Hunter's time as a student at Elon College in the late 1930's, early 1940's as well as her career as a journalist/reporter for the Washington Bureau of...
Dates: 1940 - 1990

McEwen Family Collection

Identifier: Mss.Coll.042
Abstract This collection contains miscellaneous documents about members of the McEwen family, who were prominent citizens in Burlington and Alamance County, North Carolina, and who gave generously to Elon University. The collection consists largely of personal and business correspondence. The collection is arranged alphabetically by type of material into 19 series, then chronologically within each series. To learn more about the contents of each series, please consult the section below titled...
Dates: 1912 - 1962

Robert Holyfield Collection

Identifier: Mss.Coll.019
Abstract The Robert Holyfield collection provides useful materials and resources relating to Elon College and World War II. The majority of the items in this collection are correspondences that shed light onto life in a small town in North Carolina, daily life at Elon College, and what it is like being part of the U.S. military during World War II. The collection is arranged alphabetically by type of material into four series, then chronologically within each series where applicable. The series are:...
Dates: 1937 - 1945

Robert Sigmon Collection

Identifier: Mss.Coll.033
Abstract This manuscript collection was compiled by Robert Sigmon, a leading educator and advocate in the field of service-learning for higher education. It is contained in 9 boxes, covering 1962-2006, with 472 folders and about 2532 items. The materials encompass self-directed learning, experiential learning, partnerships with the community, assessing public needs, internships, career opportunities, workshops, teaching, conferences on this topic, and much more. For a complete listing of the specific...
Dates: 1962 - 2006

R.P. Johnson World War II Collection

Identifier: Mss.Coll.004

This collection primarily contains photographs, magazines, newspapers, postcards, and other forms of printed material associated with World War II. There are some photographs specifically of R.P. Johnson, but the remaining photographs are of unidentified people and places. Much of the information found in the magazines, newspapers, and postcards discuss news and events that took place both in the United States and abroad during World War II, primarily written for American soldiers.

Dates: 1940 - 1965

Samuel D. Smith Collection

Identifier: Mss.Coll.022
Abstract This small but informative collection primarily contains materials that relate to the Pearl Harbor attack in Hawaii on December 7, 1941. Samuel D. Smith was aboard the USS Oklahoma when it was bombed by the Japanese, and was among the few survivors of the attack. Within this collection, there are many primary sources that document details of the day and the aftermath of the attack. The collection is arranged alphabetically by type of material into four series, then chronologically within...
Dates: 1924 - 1986

Susie Cordon Broadway Collection

Identifier: Mss.Coll.037
Abstract This collection includes examples of materials used or created by a production stage manager during the production of a Broadway play. The title of the Broadway play represents each series. Most of the series consist of one box and one to four 3-ring notebooks. The boxes contain Ms. Cordon's spiral or cloth bound notebooks of handwritten rehearsal or performance notes and to-do lists. The 3-ring notebooks mostly contain printed documents as well as some handwritten notes associated with each...
Dates: , 1981 - 2009

Town of Elon Collection

Identifier: EUA008

This collection includes materials and documents relating to the Town of Elon, North Carolina. It is arranged chronologically, and then alphabetically by type of material. Please see the section below titled "Detailed Description of the Collection" for more information about what is included.

Dates: 1855 - ongoing

William B. Terrell Collection

Identifier: Mss.Coll.015
Abstract This small collection reflects William Brown Terrell's lifelong interest in Elon College affairs, particularly documenting his active participation during his student years and his involvement with the Alumni Association. Although some of the items-mainly photographs-represent the years that W. B. Terrell studied at Elon College in the 1920s, the majority of materials reflect his interest in the college generally, spanning the years from the 1900s into the 1980s. The collection is arranged...
Dates: 1900s - 1980s

William H. Maness Collection

Identifier: Mss.Coll.005
Abstract The William H. Maness collection contains a variety of materials relating to his tenure as a judge in Jacksonville, FL, as well as issues of racism, social inequality, the Civil Rights Movement in the United States, and the strides people took to promote the well-being and equality of the human race. The collection is arranged alphabetically by type of material into five series, then chronologically within each series, where applicable. The series are: Books; Correspondence; Lists; Literary...
Dates: 1957 - 2000

William Samuel Long Collection

Identifier: Mss.Coll.007
Abstract This collection contains printed and visual materials that pertain to the first president of Elon College, William Samuel Long. The items in this collection are not necessarily papers that were generated by him during his tenure as president of Elon College during 1889-1894, but materials that have been collected by others over the years that relate to W.S. Long. The few original items in the collection from W.S. Long can be found in the following series: Correspondence and Literary...
Dates: 1870-2006